Other improvements to my distance finder

I’ve added some more features to my distance finder. You can now share your search results with your friends on twitter. I’ve used twitter’s @anywhere to do this.

If you want to find out how I did this, I’ve also written a tutorial.

I’m planning to also integrate facebook so you’ll be able to share your results on there too 🙂

Happy birthday Google Maps!

I just found out that google maps turns 5 today! It’s a nice coincidence since my google maps tutorial was published today on 1stwebdesigner.com. The second part will be published this friday!

To celebrate the occasion, Keir Clarke from Google Maps Mania has created a mashup that I also contributed to. Along with lots of other developers, I’ve added my distance finder tool on it! Check it out!

Improvements to distance finder

I’ve tested some other features of the latest google maps version. I’ve also added some of them to my distance finder project!

First, I’ve made the markers draggable. You can now drag them anywhere on the map and the application will show the data about the new route.

Another thing I found out is that you can change the route type from car route to bicycle or walking route. That’s what I’m going to add to the app today.

After this, the application will be pretty much finished. Let me know if you have ideas of what else I could add!

I’ve also written tutorials about how to include google maps in your website. I will post the link when they will get published!

Distance finder using Google Maps

I’ve played a bit with the newest version of Google Maps and created a distance finder.

You can write two addresses and it tells you the direct distance between them. It also shows the route between them, the length of that route and the approximative time it takes to get there by car.

I’ve used the javascript google maps api v3. It’s pretty easy to use and google maps has loads of features that you can use!

52 weeks of code google maps

I’ve also submitted something for the java and google maps challenges in 52 weeks of code. My java submission is also using google maps 🙂

My submission for the google map challenge takes the ip, get the location coordinates using the ip and shows the location on the map. I’ve also added a text box for writing the street address and getting a more exact location.

For the java challenge I’ve done a small JFrame that helps you find the coordinates of a certain address (latitude and longitude). I’ve used google maps to find the coordinates. It looks like this:
the jframe

If you want to see the source codes, just ask 😉