52 weeks of code google maps

I’ve also submitted something for the java and google maps challenges in 52 weeks of code. My java submission is also using google maps 🙂

My submission for the google map challenge takes the ip, get the location coordinates using the ip and shows the location on the map. I’ve also added a text box for writing the street address and getting a more exact location.

For the java challenge I’ve done a small JFrame that helps you find the coordinates of a certain address (latitude and longitude). I’ve used google maps to find the coordinates. It looks like this:
the jframe

If you want to see the source codes, just ask 😉

52 weeks of code haskell & html5

Yay! I’ve finally managed to finish reading my first haskell tutorial and write a bit of code. I’ve submitted something for the 52 weeks of code challenge, the solution for a problem from Project Euler. I hope I’ll get some free time and study haskell some more 🙂

As for last week’s challenge, html5, I’ve done a small page to test the new tags. But they aren’t working properly in all browsers. If you want, you can test your browser here. Html5 has some interesting new features, but they aren’t supported by all browsers.

52 weeks of code

I haven’t finished the haskell challenge from 52wok yet, but I’ve almost finished reading the tutorial and decided what program to write after reading the tutorial. I will try to solve one or two more problems from Project Euler. I have solved a few some time ago, but in java.

This week’s challenge is C++. I’ve already submitted something, a small gui for converting between meters and feet using the win32api. I haven’t worked with win32api much, so this was a good exercise for me.

intro to Jquery

I’ve finally managed to find out what jquery is all about. I’ve read a few tutorials and started adding a few effects to my site. So far, I’ve added some new cool button effects, but will definitely add more. Jquery is pretty cool!

Lots of tutorials can be found on their site, also a good one can be found here.

I’ve also submitted a small jquery snippet to the 52 weeks of code challenge. I’m way behind with the challenges, but hopefully will manage to catch up! Here‘s what I submitted to the challenge.