13 thoughts on “How to make website registration easier using facebook accounts

  1. Really a very good tutorial. Helped me a lot. I just had a doubt, if you could clarify that would be great.

    I tried your example and was able to fetch the parameters mentioned in the article except for the email id. Everything is working fine..no errors but unable to fetch email in the DB.

    any thoughts on that which would help me to solve the problem

  2. I dont know why mine hangs all the time. It asks permissions twice and then it goes to https://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth/write and there comes error message that “This function is not available at the moment. Error processing the request. Try again later”. (There might be translation error i am reading it as finnish!). I have put everything in place. I wonder if facebook_auth.php file should have redirection url to facebook_auth.php or welcome.php? Same question to index.php? After all this it now goes to welcome.php and text says welcome !. So it does not receive name.

    • I will have to check this out and let you know. Some permissions or something might have changed since I wrote this tutorial.

      • I found the solution. My program had fallen in unpublished mode in facebook settings. All tough it is not understandable why program must be published so that admins can test it, but that solved my issue. No problem in your example. Works great now.

  3. Hi Aniri, it’s really a wonderful tutorial. I am following in my work. There is problem I found. I tested this tut’s code for 3 user. In 2 cases, I got email but in 1 case, I got an error “Undefined property: stdClass::$email”. However, in this case of error, I did not give second permission or something like that , what I forgot. For every users, it takes login permission for first time. When I tried second time, it does take any permission just get login and redirected. Is there any way to get permission for every-time. Then I think, which email is not returned what I could check to give permission again what I missed first time.

    However, many thanks for this tutorial.

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