Here are some of the personal projects I’ve been working on:

Invert Face

InvertFaceMy very first watch face for the Pebble smartwatch, it shows the time, day of the week and the date. The colors get inverted when the watch is connected/disconnected from the phone.

You can see it on the pebble app store here.

And the source code is available on github.

~ developed in 2014 ~


ArheoChartsThe app holds a database with data obtained from archaeological excavations. Based on the stored data, it offers an easy method of viewing and searching through the data and also of displaying the data using various types of graphical representations. It provides an easy way of analyzing and comparing the data from different archaeological sites.

~ started in 2011 ~

~ only available in Romanian ~



Memorix was designed to help you learn foreign languages by helping you memorise new words faster.

Here’s what Memorix can do:

– Can hold as many sets of words you want! You can use it to learn words in more than one language.
– It lets you review the words to memorise them.
– It gives you various kinds of test to check if you memorised the words.
– It tracks your performance to help you improve.

There are several kinds of tests available. Various algorithms are used to make sure the words you seem to know less are shown more often in tests so you will learn them 🙂

~ started in 2011 ~

Distance Finder

Distance FinderThis is a small google maps app that  helps you find the distance between two points, both the direct distance and the distance on a route.

All you have to do is write the two addresses and the app will find the direct distance between them and the shortest route.

You can also write a ‘via’ address for the route.

Together with the results, the app also shows a link that you can use to save your search results or share them with your friends.

~ developed in 2010 ~


MobileTuts@DICThis is a small browser-based app I designed for the Dream.In.Code Summer of API Contest.

The idea was to make a basic reader of the tutorials subforum, to be viewed even on mobile devices. Since the main dreamincode site is too complicated to be viewed properly on mobile devices, using this app, people will be able to read tutorials even if they are not at their computers.

The app won the third prize in the contest! 🙂

~ developed in 2010 ~

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