What to learn?

What should I learn next? That’s a good question… As a software developer you always have new things to learn, a new computer language, a new technology, algorithm, framework…so many. How do you choose between these?

One more problem is…should you learn something new or just improve something you already know? You might find new ideas, new ways of solving the same problems, even better ways. So what to learn?

I, for one, have lots of lists, of new things I encounter and wish to learn more about, of things I want to improve from my current skills, of tutorials, classes, etc. And I’m slowly making my way through them 🙂

In the last months, a couple of sites where launched that offer free university level classes. They are Udacity and Coursera . I took some of the classes there and I must say they are a great way of learning something new or just freshening up your skills. The lectures are filled with quizzes to help you understand the course better and there are also some assignments which I really enjoyed doing 😀 They also keep adding new classes, so you should take a look and see if there’s anything that interests you 🙂 Also if you know of any other such sites, please let me know!

Step forward in 2017: Build in-demand career skills with Coursera