Other improvements to my distance finder

I’ve added some more features to my distance finder. You can now share your search results with your friends on twitter. I’ve used twitter’s @anywhere to do this.

If you want to find out how I did this, I’ve also written a tutorial.

I’m planning to also integrate facebook so you’ll be able to share your results on there too 🙂

improvements for Ani’s updater

I’ve added the possibility of saving your accounts data. No, not on my site, directly on your computer in a cookie. The cookie is stored on your computer and you won’t have to write your account data every time, just use the “read cookie” button.

I have other ideas for improvements and I also need to add more social networks, but I need to find some free time first 🙂


changes to facebook & twitter updater

I’ve made some improvements to the application!

In case you have more than one account on a social network, you can now update up to 3 different accounts per social network. I could increase that number, but I think 3 is enough. I’ve used a simple javascript function to add more rows to the table.

I’ve also added facebook like, twit this and digg this links for sharing the application.


facebook & twitter status updater

I had a bit of free time so I played a bit with curl and made a facebook & twitter online status updater. It’s really simple now, but I’m planning to improve the application, add more social networks and more features. I have a few ideas which I’m gonna try.

I’ve decided not to save any login details in my database, so I won’t have access to user’s data, but I need to find a way to not have to type all the details every time.

I’m wondering if there is a way to change the “via API” or “via Web” text that appears neat the status update with something else. Does anyone know?

If you have any suggestions or remarks, leave me some feedback.