How to add favicons to your site or wordpress blog

What are favicons? They are the tiny icons that you can see next to a site’s title in your browser window. You can also see them when bookmarking a site, next to it’s title.

Adding one to your website is really simple! You just have to find an image you like, resize it to 16pixels x 16pixels (the custom size for favicons). Name the image “favicon.ico” and place it in your website’s root folder. And you’re done!

Adding a favicon to your wordpress blog is a little bit more complicated. You will have to add the icon to your templates main folder (your blog/wp-content/themes/default) and edit the “header.php” file of your current theme. You will have to add this line in the


And that’s it!

And if you want to add a different favicon to a subdomain, just add the new favicon to your subdomain root and add these lines inside the tags of your subdomain files:

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